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Geek Scot is new to the Geek News scene and is desperately in need of writers.  If you think you could be one of Geek Scot’s writers, just sign up, write a post and submit it for review!

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While typewriters don’t work very well for writing web articles, they do make great feature images!

Will I get paid?
Geek Scot writers are volunteers who love writing about what matters to them in Scotland.  We are aiming to give insentives though.  For instance, as the Geek Scot store grows, we’re looking at ways to share out its profits between writers based on their view count and/or number of articles.  Of course, this relies on the store making a fair bit of money, which right now it doesn’t.  For now, we’re all just a bunch of geeks who love writing 🙂

What can I write about?
We’re still learning this.  Generally we go by a rule of “well I’m a geek in Scotland and I find this interesting.” So far we’ve had posts about politics, technology, Doctor Who, science, equality (including race and LGBT). We’d love game reviews, book launch posts, stuff about loom bands (whatever they are!). Honestly, the topic of Geek covers so much, it’s almost an anything goes, though obviously we won’t be posting pornography.  That’s not to say there won’t be posts about pornography though.

Ground rules
These are still being formed and I’m sure we’ll have some more as we go.

  1. Images – We aim to have a large feature image at the top of the page, usually just after an opening sentence or short opening paragraph.  On longer posts, we also aim to break up the page a bit with smaller graphics, ususually having them aligned to the left, then right, then left… with the text wrapping around them.
  2. Avoid swearing – We don’t want to read rants filled with swear words, they don’t make for a pleasant read, even if they seem justified.  Of course the occasional swear word is allowed through, just use common sense here.
  3. No pornography – Geek Scot is not and does not want to be known as a porn site.  Of course, this doesn’t stop you from writing about porn.  If you want to write an article about the fappening, you can, just remain respectful to those involved.  The general line at Geek Scot is that men and women should be respected and not humiliated for their sexual exploits and that their private lives should be respected.
  4. No rants about individuals – Okay, so some individuals are okay, if they’re already in the public domain but we don’t want an article ranting about something someone you know said and in all likelihood, neither do the readers.
  5. Keep it geeky/Scottish – Hopefully this should be obvious, one or the other, of course the whole area is huge so you shouldn’t lack for subjects.
  6. No self promotion – I write novels and make websites for people but it’s not okay to post adverts for them as articles on Geek Scot.
  7. Good grammar – No “C U @ teh apl stor” rubbish.

How will it work?

Just sign up for an account on Geek Scot by clicking the button below, you will be given a contributor account, which mean you can write a post right away.  Once you’ve done writing, just submit your post for review, we’ll receive a notification and check it over for quality.  If we’re happy with it, we’ll publish.  Once we’ve had a few good ones, we’ll probably upgrade you to be an author, which means you’ll be able to publish them without us reviewing them first.

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