Windows 10 – First Thoughts

After giving 10 a day to calm down, I installed the update on my laptop this afternoon (30th July). Surprisingly, it only took about an hour for me to get to the desktop!

I’m actually plesantly surprised about it. I liked the under the hood performace updates Win8 came with (while hating the UI with a passion) and left a couple of devices running Win7 just because it was less irritating.

Current thoughts:

  • Multiple desktops!!! Praise the Lord!!! (wish I could find a keyboard shortcut to switch though)
  • Edge looks really swish and seems quite snappy
  • Still got separate “Settings” and “Control Panel”… that’s really irritating. This version is better than the implimentation on 8 though.
  • The Start menu is back and works well
  • Weird bug with VirtualBox Bridged Ethernet….
  • The Cortana search box is really big
  • The Feedback application is a great tool to include
  • Very glad that I didn’t have to reinstall all my programs
Cortana search and multi desktop switcher

Cortana search and multi desktop switcher

I’ll post more once I get a chance to play around more but so far this is a great success!

UPDATE – I can’t get WAMP to start up. Seeing as its what I’m needing to use right now, this is particularly irritating. On the plus side though, the keyboard shortcut to switch desktops is Win key + left or right.

So after installing a C++ update which didn’t come through Windows Update itself I still have a very offline WAMP.

dead wamp

Very dead WAMP

Although, the notification sounds are rather pleasant.

I’m also having a bit of trouble with the search feature. Its being quite slow and not responding when I click into it.

Some applications also seem to be struggling to display text which isn’t blurry. Slack is having particular issues with this.


AH HA – it would appear sneaksy MS have got IIS running… sneaksy MS

For anyone else wanting to run WAMP, follow these instructions.