We Lost

The EU referendum results came in today. Scotland lost.

Scotland voted remain. Northern Ireland voted remain. London voted remain. But the rest of England and Wales voted out and that was enough to take us out of the EU.

The EU wasn’t perfect. It can’t be perfect. This isn’t Star Trek and idealised. It’s human and it’s imperfect. Some deals benefited other countries rather than our own and that was okay. Good even! We did it for the betterment of others with the outlook that the betterment of another country benefited us all in the long run. We made treaties between countries who traditionally hated each other. We made trade between ourselves easier. We helped each other out when times were tough and we weren’t worried about what would happen.

But then we decided to leave. And leave we will. This isn’t like manipulating a partner. There’s no “If you don’t do this I’ll leave.” This is it. Upon triggering Article 50, we’ve got two years to work out a deal, and then we’re gone.

The Leave campaign lied. The magic £350 million a week we were supposed to be able to put into our NHS? Farage now says that was “a mistake.”  You’ll note he said nothing during the campaign about this mistake. And when pushed and pushed about it in TV debate, Boris stuck by the figure. These are the people who will now lead our country forwards.

If our country even exists by the end of this. A second referendum for an independent Scotland will surely come now. It’s already been put on the table by our First Minister who has promised to do everything within her power to ensure Scotland gets what it voted for. Northern Ireland will probably unify with the Republic of Ireland, or people will just move there. The City of London (CoL) is at risk, it was one of the financial centres of Europe. Our now scrapped “new deal” with the EU had protections in place for CoL for it to stay that way. What happens now?

Time to go

If you voted Leave, I hope you didn’t because you’re racist or bigoted. I hope you voted Leave because you genuinely thought that the UK was better off outside despite what the experts said. I hope you want a better UK which can allow for immigration and continues to help countries and people in need. I hope all this because quite frankly, I’m stuck here with you until Scotland votes to leave the UK and hopefully can reenter the EU. I also hope these things so you can sit there and see the lies that the Leave campaign told you laid out in front of you.

I hope the UK does do well outside the EU. I hope our market stabilises and the Pound retains its value. I hope we continue to trade with the EU and that we can forge the new trade deals which we were promised.

I want a strong UK. But I also want a strong EU. A strong Germany, France, Poland, Italy, Spain, Romania, and Bulgaria. We made each other better. Who will make us better now we’ve left? Who will hold us to account? Who will force us to look outwards to see how our decisions impact others?

Today we will see anger, disgust, disappointment, and sadness from those who voted to remain. And we will see joy, elation, and celebrations from those who voted to leave. There will be arguments, through the media, in person, on Facebook and Twitter. But tomorrow we need to live with this. We need a new Prime Minister. We need to start thinking about what the UK will look like outside the EU. We need to work together. But for today, we get to be angry, and disappointed, and sad. We get to mourn for the loss of our place in something which was bigger than ourselves. Something we could do that was sometimes selfless.

We lost. And now we have to live with it.


Trump either can’t read or has been sniffing the spray on cheese he uses as hair.