Failed UKIP Candidate Displays Lack of Empathy for Dead Child

As many of you will have seen, a wee boy washed up on the shore of a Turkish beach as his family tried to get to Greece. At no point is that picture posted in this article.

In response, there has been quite the outcry from many countries about the refugee crisis currently facing Europe. Iceland residents have said they would house people. teach them Icelandic, pay for their flights, and help them integrate. Germany has a version of AirBnB for refugees. Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

“As first minister I pledge that I will ensure Scotland will do everything possible to help in this refugee crisis”

Meanwhille, failed UKIP candidate for Wimbledon, Peter Bucklitsch, tweeted:

His name was Aylan Kurdi. He was three years old. He died because Syria isn’t a safe place. He is survived by his father. His older brother and mother also died that night.

Mr Bucklitsch’s comment is cruel. It’s indicative of an attitude which belongs in the dark ages. The lack of human empathy displayed by this potential MP surely proves that he is not fit to represent a group of human beings. I don’t care what your view on the UK’s status within the EU is, I don’t care if you think that we shouldn’t accept refugees, I do care if you publicly display a basic lack of human empathy.

At least 12 people died on that trip from Turkey to Greece. Five of them children.

If you want to know more, here’s a good BBC article (warning: contains distressing images).

If you would like to help, here’s a list of ways you can.


*Update* – since writing Mr Bucklitsch has been approached by news sources asking for comment on his tweet. He has of yet not responded to anyone.

He has also recieved may replies to his tweet including this from footballer Stan Collymore

*Update Part 2*

Since publishing, this story has got a lot more attention by the national press. Ukip MP Douglas Carswell stated that:

“I am aware that some people sometimes say some pretty obnoxious things on social media and if a candidate were to do that they would, I hope, be made an ex-Ukip candidate and slung out of the party.

“It’s a pretty grotesque and awful thing to say. I think most reasonable people who saw that image would recognise that we have a duty to act.”

There is an internal investigation under way.

It would also appear that Mr Bucklitsch has deleted his Twitter account after posting this:


Screenshot taken from Google search results of “Peter Bucklitsch”

When contacted by the BBC, Mr Bucklitsch stated:

I apologise for the evident distress this caused, and have removed it.

“It was an inelegant way of agreeing that the problems lie in the regions where conditions precipitate such a strong desire to reach a place where life can begin again.

A spokes person for UKIP has stated that the views expressed by Mr Bucklitsch “in no way represent the views of the party” and when asked if he would be prevented from standing for UKIP again, the spokesperson agreed adding: “We’ve got pretty good vetting procedures”.