Tilted Kilt “Restaurants” Give USA the Sexy Side of Scotland

Tilted Kilt 2The Tilted Kilt restaurant chain is growing rapidly in North America.  The Hooters-like “breastaurant”, known for its Scottish fare and pretty young ladies, has over 100 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, with another 35 expected to open by year-end.

The Celtic-themed restaurant clearly caters to a male demographic. The most well-known aspect of Tilted Kilt is its waitresses, known as Kilt Girls, who wear tartan miniskirts. The men, who are bartenders and busboys, also wear kilts.

At one American location, we spoke to a customer named Paul.  He seemed to be enjoying the experience. “Wow,” he said, “I didn’t know the sights in Scotland were so, well, umm, impressive!”

He added, “I’ve never been to Scotland, couldn’t find the place on a map, but now I want to live there!”

His wife Kristin, however, was not too terribly amused.  “If he drags me to this dump again,” she growled, “I’ll whack him upside the head.”

The reaction of Scottish people on the sexing up of their nation, which recently gained its first female leader and equal gender cabinet, is perhaps yet to be heard.


Statement of interests:  Paul McCarthy is an American “geek” with a keen interest in British and Scottish politics, business, and current events.

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