The Doctor is scary again!

You know, for a moment, we thought weeping angels were scary! I’d sit them down in front of that last episode and bet they’d stay stone even when no one’s looking. Good old fashioned, hiding behind the sofa creepy, that’s what we got this Saturday’s episode Listen.

Doctor Who - ListenI don’t know about you but we didn’t like wandering around the house with the lights off after that episode.  Hell, one of us got a hell of a fright when the cat squeezed out from under the sofa, rubbing it’s evil little self around a leg.  Horrid creature.

I’ve been wanting to write about this series every week but hell, the site’s only just been launched so you’ll excuse me if I have to play catchup.

Theory time and SPOILERS!

So, let’s get the obvious out of the way, Missy, who the hell is she?  She didn’t show up in the last episode but that’s the big question of the series.  Then there’s the questions we’re not supposed to ask.  Like that last episode, it didn’t wrap up so neatly, did it?  Yes, it turns out that the Doctor’s only pursuing this entity because he had a bad dream as a child, or so he thought, it was actually Clara under his bed in the barn he would later return to to put an end to the Time War.  But, we saw something under that blanket, there was something there.  Let’s not forget that.  And what really knocked out the doctor when he opened that hatch?  Was it just debris?  We weren’t actually told.  They wrapped up the Doctor’s curiosity but they distracted us from the questions.  Cunning, creepy ending.

Someone's tried to build a Tardis before.

Someone’s tried to build a Tardis before.

Now then, my big theory.  Someone is trying to build a Tardis.  We’ve seen this before, in The Lodger, remember, the one with James Cordon in it?  Someone hid a ship on top of his house, you couldn’t even see it, it was disguised as the upper floor.  The Doctor said that someone was trying to build a Tardis and they needed a human to make it go.  There’s a theme we’ve seen already in this series, the mechanical people, harvesting people so their ship could fly.  Next up, Robin Hood, that ship was clearly disguised as a castle, that’s a clever trick, do we know any other space ships that do that?  Because it sounds an awful lot like a Chameleon circuit to me.  We saw another ship with the same interior as that half built Tardis too, the Silence had it in America.  It was never explained where it came from and the only acknowledgement that it was the same kind of ship was from Doctor Who Confidential, the behind the scenes show that used to show on BBC3 after each episode.  I would finally argue that the ship that flew away from where the “castle” was, looked awfully similar to the one that flew from on top of the house in The Lodger.  Though I haven’t seen it in a while, my mind might be trying to please me.

I’m really enjoying the Scottish Doctor, granted I may be a little biased here but come on, we’ve got a return to the good old classic doctor.  I like that he can get hurt, that he can be knocked out just like anyone else.  When the Doctor first arrived on a Skaro to meet the Daleks for the first time, he suffered from radiation sickness just as much as everyone else, more even because you know what?  He was an old man, not a god.  And he’s not a goody, goody, lord of perfection either!  I was watching the first season of Doctor Who again recently and you know what, the Doctor thinks very little of people.  He sees himself as above them, he’s disconnected from them.  At one point, I think in the second episode, the Doctor is going to kill a man who’s moaning on the ground, he looks positively bemused when he’s told he can’t just do that.  Is our new Doctor just as disconnected from the world?  Does he have little care for any of us?  Could it be that our new Doctor is an arsehole?  I for one hope so, yes.