Stand Still Stay Silent comings soon to print

It’s not often a masterpiece is produced in graphic novels, especially one by an indi-writer as a web comic but Stand Still, Stay Silent is exactly that and soon it will be coming out in print.


20140921141328-a_iggprevvStand Still. Stay Silent is easily the best comic I’ve read in a very, very long time.  It’s not often you can mix sci-fi and Nordic mythology without coming out with some kind of fantasy super heroes.  SSSS brings you to Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland in the year 90.  That’s 90 years after the great illness that wiped out 21st century Earth.  The Nordic world is now all there is of the known world.  Many are immune but not all, in Iceland, the only known land to have not been touched by the illness, protected surely by its gods, immunity is unsurprisingly lower.  Iceland is also the most advanced nation in the world but over 90 years, its time to explore the silent world, it’s time to find out what remains.

Minna Sundberg is the Finnish-Swedish author of Stand Still. Stay Silent, introducing us first to the world before the illness destroys it, we get a feel for her truly amazing art and writing style, giving us a story that’s fascinating to follow, even if the characters do struggle with the language barriers between them, this makes the imagery so much more important in this series as characters desperately try to figure out what each other are thinking, even if it is just Lalli wanting to see if Emil will spill his food down his clothes again.  In a world of silence, 90 years have made the Nordic civilisations look deep into their past for answers, allowing the old gods to become prominent in their lives again as well as the mythology of beasts, trolls and giants, prominent again as the mutant remains of the world’s wildlife.  Only the cats were blessed enough to survive.

20140926123203-stretchgoalsStand Still. Be Silent is available as a web comic to read for free, if you haven’t already, read it now, just don’t expect to be able to stop reading until you’ve caught up, you’ll be hooked in minutes by it’s contagious (get it?) story as well as it’s light hearted humour.  I don’t think I’ve fallen in love with so many different characters all at once before (though my favourite is easily Lalli, you’ll see).  The big news though is that the comic is on IndieGoGo gathering funds to print its Book 1 and has nearly raised double its intended goal!  That means it is coming to print and we can’t wait to receive ours!  You can pre-order your own copy through IndiGoGo now, do it now, the more money raised, the more little bonuses we’ll see at the end of the book!