#SNPbecause day fills Twitter with reasons to vote SNP

While the large Westminster parties ramp up the marketing machine, the SNP are continuing their grassroots campaign with #SNPbecause day.  A chance for folk on Twitter, Facebook and the less virtual world to show off why they are voting SNP.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 10.24.51While mainstream media finally starts asking “Has any Labour leader ever run a worse campaign than Jim Murphy?”  Nicola Sturgeon emailed her party’s members this morning to declare today #SNPbecause Day.  A day to get on social media and tell the world why ordinary people are voting SNP.  It’s working too, Twitter feeds are filling up with the hashtag with real, legitimate reasons to vote SNP.

Some, mostly not using their names or faces, are also saying why they are not #SNPbecause.

And some are just rude:

But this author had to do some real digging to find the negative ones.  It’s mostly all positive reasons to vote SNP.

It’s a great campaign, and totally different to the kind of tactics we’ve seen being used by the more established Westminster parties.

Update: #SNPbecause is currently the number one trending topic on Twitter in the UK.