Shock report: BBC doesn’t look kindly on Salmond in Westminster!

In a real shock to everyone here in Scotland, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) appears to not be looking too kindly on the idea of former First Minister, Alex Salmond, returning to Westminster as MP for Gordon in Aberdeenshire!

As seen in this shocking video, shared by David Barratt, of the review of this morning’s papers, the front page of the Sunday Herald, until recently the most regular paper in Scotland that supported Scottish independence, did not bring a sparkle to the eyes of those in the London studio.

One fine gentleman suggested that the image of Alex Salmond looking over the Palace of Westminster appeared to show that he was either going to attack it or eat it.  He went on to say Alex Salmond appeared to have some kind of vendetta against his country.

Scots will no doubt be left dumb struck by the comments from this, our shared broadcasting body.  After all, the BBC doesn’t pick sides, does it?

  • Ian Hamilton

    The Sunday Herald was not the only paper, leading up to the Referendum, to support independence. The Scots Independent is a monthly newspaper that has supported independence since 1926, before the SNP was formed. You can find us at

    • Thanks for the information Ian, I have corrected above to reflect this 🙂

    • Kickyourownass

      But very much in the background so that many people have never heard of The Independent until very recently.

    • Whiterabbit4000

      Are you a Q.C by any chance Ian?

  • Ian Mac

    In response to what was said on the programme, the SNP MPs in Westminster have never voted on English only matters. They never have and they never will.

    • marhek

      But did English MPs stand aside when Scotland-only issues came up? I’ll bet they didn’t. It’s time these people learned that the “Union” does not just comprise of England, but that 4 other nations are involved.

      • Ivor Haresh-Trewth

        You want to count again?

        • marhek

          No, I don’t. The 4 are Scotland, N Ireland, Wales and Cornwall. And, if you’re unaware of Cornwall’s legal and constitutional status as a Crown Dependency, then I suggest you look it up. (And it’s the only place in the entire UK where the Monarch is NOT Head of State).

          • scotbot

            Northern Ireland isn’t a nation. It’s two thirds of a nine county province.

            Wales is a principality, having never actually been a kingdom in its own right.

          • Séamus O’Caolaidhé

            Exactly scotbot….the ‘jurisdiction’ doesnt even make up the whole of Ulster

          • Helen Lennon

            If the monarch is not the head of state in Cornwall why does Charles have the Duchy of Cornwall. Serious question – I really dont know. Also, the english royals, have also apparently claimed recently discovered Cornwall gold for themselves. Do not allow them to take your gold. I am delighted to hear that there is a monarch free county in england and so look forward to living in a monarch free republican Scotland soon. Keep Cornwall free and golden for the benefit of her peoples.

          • marhek

            Ah, there’s the catch. The Duke of Cornwall IS the Head of State (this has been the case since 1337), so we’re sadly not monarchy-free. In truth, he couldn’t give a stuff about the Duchy or its people, as long as he gets his £19 million p.a. out of us. Or his extras from building all over the countryside he professes to love so much (currently outside Truro and Newquay). We’ve always had gold – Cornish gold was used in Bronze Age artefacts – but there’s little of it. Our geology spares us from fracking, but Charlie’s got his eye on our potentially very lucrative geothermal energy resources. (A wrussta godhvos ha ma yeth Keltek agan honen dhyn ni? – Did you know that we have our own Celtic language?)

          • Ivor Haresh-Trewth

            In your fantasies maybe. Like Salmond, you’ll be forever denied.

        • rialobran

          he doesn’t need to recount, the cornish are a national minority, hence then there are four other nations

      • Robert Harrison

        nope they stuck there noses in straight away like they always do

    • varrie29

      Of the last 400 bills in ‘UK’ parliament, only 8 were ‘England only’. Another Unionist lie.

  • stevieboy49

    Who are these people and can we see the back of their heads to see where the join is? Their brainpower can be placed on a collective postage stamp!

    • James Allan

      Maybe half a postage stamp Stevie.

  • Helen Cameron

    Salmond shouldn’t be in Westimnster because he wants Scotland out- but it’s ok for Farrage to be an MEP? Both are going to where the power lies to get their aims fulfilled.

    • G Mac

      Salmond wanted Scotland out of the UK however as I am sure you are aware the 2014 referendum result kept Scotland in. He has resigned as first minister to allow Nicola to lead the party. However he still wants to be involved in politics in his own country. And again, the referendum decided that his country is the UK. He is perfectly justified in seeking to stand as an MP. Makes much more sense than joining the house of lords, which I believe he was offered.

      • Helen Cameron

        Agree, did you read my post to end?

        • John Chisholm

          dont think that was directed at you helen!

      • Steve Bowers

        The UK is not a country, it’s a group of 4 countries, do try to keep up !

        • Kickyourownass

          Yes and that name should be changed from the United Kingdom to the United KingdomS to reflect that there are four nations involved as members. That is just another one of the main tools they have used for far too long to brainwash Europe and the rest of the world into believing that the UK. is England!!

  • Who are these clowns and that eejit of a man is full of spite and for Scotland ….. and well said Helen ….. Alba Gu Bràth

    • cameronsdemise

      Will he get out of Glasgow with his scalp though ?

    • Anne

      I think they are called tweedle dum and tweedle dee! Shame on the BBC. At least we can be in no doubt that we are right to be still fighting to get as far as possible from this southern nonsense! YES YES YES!

  • Charles Patrick O’Brien

    Well we don’t vote on England only matters and that is how it should be.Now with that said and I hope taken in good faith I would also like it to be enshrined in law,so that it remains fair and only in law will that be forced to happen as we all know some politicians cant be trusted.Sorted,now we should be able to have that law reciprocal,and no English MP,s will vote on Scotland only matters,would like to take it as said that this will apply to all members of the Westminster parliament,and each country will vote strictly on its own only laws.This I think will bring us to the point that as a complete unit Westminster will only be all together for Foreign Policy and defence of these islands.Scottish MP,s could therefore decide that all of Scottish domestic laws shall be agreed in Holyrood and we need only meet for 5 days a month for non-domestic laws,that is how it all should be and looks like it might just get along that way,all friends at the right times.

    • Kickyourownass

      yes but could we trust Westminster MPs to honour that? It has been a long time since I have seen much honour in Westminster, but maybe the return of Alex will be that breath of fresh air that is much needed down there.

  • Charles Patrick O’Brien

    Pair of fools with similar ringmaster,they both showed their ignorance of Scottish and indeed British politics,by the comments they made,still look on the bright side if that is competition have a laugh not much is there.

  • Peter Toner

    He lost and should shrink away!? Does the same apply to every other leader who has lost a vote? What an edjit this ‘commentator’ is. And then putting a non existent promise on Salmond’s lips and being sympathetic to Nicola. None of these three seem to have a brain between them.

    • Shona Gourlay

      Yep it makes you want to shout right in their faces…..idiots! and I’m being kind!

    • Kickyourownass

      Yes but it is very different for Westminster MPs eh? They fail as MPs and/or fail to get elected, and are then given plum jobs in the EU followed by a seat in the House of Lords where most of the unelected and unelectable end up!!

    • Whiterabbit4000

      They forgot that loser Neil Kinnock? Where’s he? An appropriate song for him and his wife and kids is “The Goldigger’s Song”. It goes, “We’re in the money, we’re in the money, we’ve got a lot of what it takes to get along”.

  • John Young

    Thought we lived in a democracy….if people didn’t want Salmond then they wouldn’t vote for him?…..BBC at its best again. Sign of weakness when corporations and poiticians start attacking the individual and not what they stand for. Third biggest party in UK with a tenth of the population? Surely he and SNP must be doing something right?…and I say that as someone who isn’t a member. Lets here some balanced commentating and editorial for once. Just once. Please.

    • lorraine kelly

      Thank you John , that was a very well balanced statement , I get so fed up with the hatred comments against him and the SNP , and that is coming from someone who never liked him till a month before the referendum but i have come to respect the man for his passion for Scotland and that is what a lot of people cant get , that he is mistaken for arrogant than passionate , and as for Nicola being annoyed , trust me she will be delighted ,she will have known about this and will have backed him …

      • John Young

        Thanks Lorraine….I take everyone as I see them…for better or worse as the old saying goes. I think it was Ghandi who said ‘Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.’ Sometimes it is about fighting for what is right and not what is popular.

        • lorraine kelly

          What a great saying John and so true , and Alex Salmond has fought for what is right even though it may not have seemed so in the eyes of others
          He is not very well understood south of the border , in fact he was not by a lot here in Scotland but it is amazing how many of us have come to see him in a new light since the referendum
          I wish him all the luck in his new role and am sure he will be making them in Westminster stand up and take notice

      • June Crichton

        My views are exactly the same as your views Lorraine. Although I favoured SNP I did not like Alex but he showed how passionate he is and how determined he is prior to the “big decision” of Scotland and I have nothing but total respect for him now. He dealt with all the debates etc with dignity, knowledge and determination.

        • lorraine kelly

          June i have come to respect him as well since the referendum , in fact i think just before it when i realized how much he has done for Scotland
          I had the privilege of hearing Nicola Sturgeon speak and i can honestly say that i think she will be a great First Minister and a honest one ,which is more than can be said for those in power in Westminster at the moment

    • Rodric Selbie

      Well said John, you could also add that not one thing said was true, for example the SNP have never ever voted on English matters, however the BBC don’t do truth 🙁

      • John Young

        This is true Rodric, and all the more reason why Emgland needs devolution for itself…. at the very least. I think what the referendum has done is to expose the wider influence and agenga the BBC has in the wider context of power and propaganda to many who were not engaged in politics before. Once you are aware of this then your mind and understanding of the society we live in opens to the bigger picture of corruption …whether you voted Yes or No!

    • gra_phil

      so the BBC invite to english pundits to pick stories from the papers (so the BBC didn’t decide what to talk about) & the FEBs parp on in an Anti SNP / Salmond way & the BBC guys says “Youve got to remember he has a lot of followers” & “I feel sorry for Salmond, as he’s no right to reply” … yeah, terrible how the BBC are unfair. No, it’s the FEBs on the show, not the BBC at fault here. I wish biased people could see past their own shortcomings.

      • John Young

        No fan of BBC commentators myself but they don’t set the agenda, write the scripts or edit the news….the BBC is corrupt as a corporation and will ensure ONLY presenters that toe the line remain in employment with them. We are living out Orwell’s 1984 as we speak the only surprise to me today is the pace to which that is escalating every day. I suspect it will not be long before our right to free speech is repealed in the name of protecting the state….and what a state it is.

        • lorraine kelly

          It seems that even the Conservative party have found out how Biased the BBC are this week according to the papers that is ..

          • John Young

            BBC will never change its position now….problem is for their masters is that people are seeking their information and news from a range of sources now and now relying on BBC through experience of bias coverage. They have went too far….that trust we may have once had has gone. Problem is for government (elite) is how do you control masses now? My personal view is they will seek further state control of media propaganda and personal freedoms to limit peoples abilities to communicate freely and protest freely. The balance has been tipped though and the minority has now become the majority who feel betrayed by the system they trusted to look after their best interests. Question now is? What do they (we) do? For me….the answer is simple….talk, be good to one another, respect one another, stand up to oppression, question our governments, protest when required and be ready to defend our freedoms when our government deny us our basic rights.

          • lorraine kelly

            A man after my own heart John , your not a spiritualist by any chance ?, or maybe just someone with a good soul and good upbringing
            In Scotland the BBC were badly hit after the Referendum as thousands legally stopped their licence ,also a lot of newspapers that were biased had a huge drop in their sales ,the peoples way of saying they were not happy
            I think now that Alex salmond is heading for Westminster that we will see a change
            They seem to fear him and i wonder if it is because he has principles and cares for the people of this Country , i never liked him or understood him till the last month before the referendum ,now i have the utmost respect for him and will support not only him but Nicola Sturgeon

          • John Young

            Spiritual ….yes but like to think of myself as open to all faiths and none. Your right BBC and press have been badly hit by referendum and indeed other bias reporting and agenda led media. I don’t think Alex is perfect by any means and I am concerned about his less than socialist leanings but I think he is a good man and a competent politician. Had he been in any other party he would have been PM…..he knows that too. Clearly not in it for the money and is the finest political debater of his era. That said ….it is up to us, of party and no party, to hold him and the scottish government to account as the opposition is so poor. Every strong government needs a strong opposition. We no longer have that. SNP are currently on the right path in many regards but they need to continue to listen to the people and enact the will of the people….or things will take a new direction.

          • lorraine kelly

            I am the same , i believe every one to their own and not to force their believes onto others
            Yes it is up to the people to make sure that the SNP party do not become to complacent and to keep to their promises and to continue to serve the people of Scotland

  • Alistair Dunlop

    Radio Scotland news gave one-sided comment from Malcolm Bruce that people of Gordon did not like Alex and would not support him.

    • Disgruntled Knome

      I thought Gordons area was owned by Lib Dems?

      • James Allan

        Lib Dem candidate retiring in May

      • scotbot

        Gordon is overlapped by Alex Salmond’s Holyrood constituency of Aberdeenshire East. Infact, he used to be the MSP for Gordon.

        So it’s not as though he won’t garner support in the constituency. I bet the LibDems realise this and are already anxious.

      • lorraine kelly

        I will be voting for him as i am in the Gordon area

    • James Allan

      More BBC bias!

    • Kickyourownass

      Well I guess they will find out the truth at the election unless they rig that vote too.

  • Disgruntled Knome

    Be afraid, be very afraid. Compared to most half wit MP’s down in Westminster Salmond stands as a real danger to them (watch them stumble when asked a question, or their only response is to insult the questioner).

    Even if only a back bencher, I suspect he will probe everything to unsettle them.

    And I welcome it, they feel above the law, repeated retrospective legislation proves that over and over again, its about time some one brought them to heal, and can be sure UK parties will do no such thing as they are beneficiaries of the circus act.

  • Manda Kilt

    English mp’s have ALWAYS VOTED ON SCOTTISH MATTERS,something the ‘panel’ on here manage to forget! 🙂

  • Ian Greenhalgh

    He lost an election ?
    A bit thick is the best way to sum these two up.

    • Kickyourownass

      He did lose an election!! It certainly wasn’t the Scottish Independence Referendum we were promised in the Edinburgh agreement. Westminster took that over and made into a British election campaign. It should have been declared null and void by the people of Scotland as soon as Westminster got involved and started interfering in it. I think we should still declare it null and void because they broke the Edinburgh Agreement on at least three counts.

      • Whiterabbit4000

        Couldn’t agree more. The vow? About as much use as Chamberlain and Hitler’s signature on the Munich Agreement carving up Czechoslovakia in 1938. Or Cameron’s signature on the Edinburgh Agreement in 2012 come to that.

    • John Fowler

      It also wasn’t an election, they are clueless. It was a referendum, not an election. There is a total difference.

  • bluebrazil

    Cheap, ignorant comments, and, yes, personal bigotry on full display on the BBC here.

  • Ian Greenhalgh

    We are not interested in lime light. We want change.

  • Bill Geddes

    A message from Sussex. What arrogance! What a pair of shits! We are supposed to be in a democracy and as such anyone can stand for Parliament. Why this venom against Salmond.He obviously is viewed as a threat.Good

  • David Russell


    • lorraine kelly

      David I don’t think the rest of the country know what is going on up here in Scotland , they seem to be under the illusion that because the yes vote lost that we will settle down and hide our head in shame for losing , no if anything it has made us stronger and more united as a lot of no voters have had their eyes opened to the lies made to us ..

  • Shona Gourlay

    Seems they think that Scottish MPs can’t have a say on England’s issue’s but have no problem with English government telling the Scot’s what they can and MOSTLY cannot have! makes my blood boil!!!

    • Kickyourownass

      Yes and as I said above, they have no problem with Westminster interfering in our so called referendum and turning it into a British election campaign! Cameron said for long enough that it was a decision for the people of Scotland then as soon as he saw that might just be a yes vote he and all the unionist parties interfered in it and cheated, lied, twisted, manipulated, scare-mongered until they achieved their no vote.

  • AJH

    What a bunch of smug pricks – including the presenter – who are desperate for Alex to ‘shrink away’ as they know he causes them problems.

  • Dougie Blackwood

    What chances of BBC treating Farage like this. He is invited to speak disproportionately; how many times on question time.

  • James Allan

    What more proof does anyone need that the BBC are biased and do a hatchet job on democracy? Where was there any balance?

  • mel budding

    what a pair these two are. they have not got a clue. who is paying their wages. I would suspend them and tell them to go and educate themselves on the subject

  • Paul Wilson

    They don’t have a clue.

    • scotbot

      They don’t care.

  • We have been given ENGLISH POWERS? WTF? I thought it was the British government and British powers being devolved? Do we not live in a democracy you 3 slime balls? Utter hypocrits! If Salmond is voted in democratically what right have they got to say it shouldn’t be allowed?

    Watch this folks THIS IS WHY SNP ARE DOING SO WELL!!!!!

    Nothing what so ever to do with England this is about Scotland and Westminster control, NOTHING to do with English people, England or these idiots narrow minded, opinionated out of touch, inaccurate views. Idiots!

    Good old BBC with the non bias reporting and panels! Not one person to argue back, nothing. Bias? what? BBC? na never! Even Osborne is now claiming they are bias LOL.

    In the end, democracy normally prevails, unless it is rigged, what? Rigged? In the UK? Never away and wash your mouth out!

    This sort of reporting is the EXACT reason I no longer support the union! 100% swayed my opinion 30 years ago! Whilst I was serving in the forces.

    This out of touch bigots need removed from the BRITISH screens not just Scottish! Draconian outlooks on life in todays UK!

    • Kickyourownass

      It’s not just biased reporting by the BBC, it is propaganda and manipulation of news and articles that are intended to cheat the people out of the truth!! If they told the truth, there would be no Westminster control over Scotland, and no BBC in Scotland!!

  • Gavin MacMurray

    London centric, they could point to Scotland on a map. Totally unaware, or otherwise, of the movement towards self-determination for Scotland that encompasses not just SNP, or Alex Salmond, but the Green Party, Women for Independence, Armed Forces for Independence, The Scottish Socialist Party…etc etc. Then try to make out there may be somehow a rift between Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon where there is none, but the shared vision of an independent nation; free of Trident WMD, Fracking, the dismantling of NHS into parts and then sold off to Lockheed Martin…the same company that is selling to UK the Trident WMD. BBC blatant, as it is comfy seats, propaganda.

  • lorraine kelly

    What a bunch of idiots , Really did they think that he would retire , why should he he has years of great work still in him and he will get so much support not just from Scotland but from a lot in England who couldn’t vote in the referendum
    Also i wish that they would get it right , He said before the referendum that he was going to stand down as FM no matter what the result he did not do it because of the result, and he has not said that he will ask for another Referendum Nicola has though
    I never like the man until a month before the referendum and realized just how passionate his is about Scotland
    He has my backing all the way to Westminster

  • He should shrink away and accept defeat, from the English ruling Empire defeat. How old fashioned! 🙂 ‘BOW DOWN!’

  • This pair are totally cringe inducing. CRINGE! 😀 I mean REALLY. Talk about small minded… ‘Why won’t that smelly little Scotsman GO AWAY’.. little old Scotland should be back in the biscuit tin by now, surely.

  • saltire1707

    BBC in wastemonsters pocket, the 2 presenters havent got a clue, glad I live in North Britain, soon to be an EX.

  • allan cowan

    This kind of Arrogance From the BBC,is Exactly why they have lost Scotland forever,as for the three who uttered nothing but Insults and falsehoods,away and bile yer heeds ya Numptys.

  • William Keenan

    The good lady (tongue firmly in cheek) says that she does NOT want Scottish MP’s making decisions about English matters – isn’t this the exact thing that we in Scotland have been saying for 300 odd years, WE – WE don’t want English MP’s dictating and making decisions about Scottish affairs, so surely the only way to go is our own separate ways – some English people and their high and mighty ideas make me puke !

  • Ewen

    He did not loose the only loosers were those who voted No and the English like these smug ignorant basts, It’s funny that it was fine for the guffs to control Scotland for 300 years, Just heard the bitch say he wants to be the big man well dearie he is THE BIG MAN, bigger than anything england can come up with, wasn’t it paxman who called Alex the greatest politician alive today

  • stelsewhere

    “England … or .. “the government” has handed over all these powers” … seriously???!! .. listen to the bitch .. so there is no such thing as Britain or a UK .. THERE IS ONLY ENGLAND !!?

    • lorraine kelly

      Always has been Stelswhere , even in the Olympic games if a English man won a medal it was England scores a Gold , but if it was a Scottish Athlete it was Britain scores a gold , they are all about ME ME ME and the rest of us are just their minions

  • Maria Wilson

    Alex Salmond didn’t lose “the election” no one voted for him. It was a referendum you twat. And why should the man disappear?? I think that “hateful” man in the studio should do that rather than go to Glasgow after his remarks!!
    Scotland (including the Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland), Wales, Ireland and England make up the British Isles so I think therefore Scotland will always be part of Britain if not, hopefully one day, in Union with some parts.
    Alex Salmond will hopefully burst that insular bubble of Westminster

  • Duncan Fraser

    I sense much fear in them.

  • Cheryl

    Who even are these two? The referendum wasn’t about Alex Salmond nor about anyone hating the English. Just about Scotland’s parliament being self directed and autonomous of Westminster. With attitudes like that of this pair being broadcast on the BBC, what are the Scots supposed to think? Just makes me feel annoyed!

  • Christine Kabashi

    Who are these i norant snobs? Who want Scottish MPs to have no say in the runnin of En land, but want to have the majority of the say of runnin Scotland. We want independence, that would sort that problem out, because otherwise why have a Union????

  • Christine Kabashi

    Seriously who are they? And why is he comin to las ow? I would like to personally welcome him

  • varrie29

    The irony. They call Salmond hateful, while they spew anti-Scottish race hate in abundance. Were they to say this stuff about a Muslim, they would now be subject to a fatwa.

  • P Crawford

    They are scared – they are very scared!

    What does she mean, “He wants to be the big man”? Is that what all MPs are? Big Men? Is that a disproportionate aim for a wee Scot?

    I smell fear.

  • Jonathan Seyghal

    Hardly the BBC bashing Salmond, it’s a programme that discusses the press with members of the press; it’s 2 journalists voicing their opinions.

  • John Fowler

    That woman is an idiot, if she actually knew anything she would know that SNP MPs never vote on only English issues. Just shows how well informed the BBC actually are, rather than just filled with bile, lies and hatred.

  • Craig

    Can we please get back at this guy?

  • Craig

    Guys. That was “hate speech”. I’m reporting that. You should too..

  • speedyreidy

    Utter garbage, but no surprise from English natz.

  • Isobel Macrae-Wilson

    well, good way to end a Sunday, with a laugh!!! I think the female should review what she said, one minute Big Eck (Mr Salmond to you pet) is a spent force denying the “Union” then he can get to Westminster but he won’t be allowed to vote on Hinglish matters.

    Be afraid, be very afraid, we didn’t lie down and weep, we are strong, and yeah, wee NIk will be cheering on AS, They don’t realise do they gang, now there will be a major force in both camps!!

    What a pair of choobs

    thanks for the laugh though

  • Craig

    What is Tim’s full name? I intend to hold him to account. you should too. “I hate Alex Salmond”. He will lose. So please help me…

  • Jack Ferguson

  • Brian R

    More to the point ? Why do we not have any choice in choosing whether or not to have BBC ? The licensing fee must have more than paid for the initial set up

  • JoeySchmidt

    These ‘pundits’ really want to re-watch this blatant character assassination where they said Salmond is a hateful man, while they pretty much admitted they don’t like him. Could it be said that they ‘hate’ him maybe?

    She mentions ‘a load’ of new powers that ‘England’ handed over, what significant powers exactly other than road signage?! The presenter said it himself that some 73% of decisions are still made outside of Holyrood and she has the temerity to be miffed at Scottish MPs voting in English only matters?!

    This segment is Fox news in a nutshell. Get some pundits on to further the agenda and balance be damned. Also, should Salmond consider a lawsuit for defamation of character? When has Alex Salmond EVER said he hates anyone? The BBC sinks lower and lower every time they try to defend the failing union and this is just further proof of that desperation using personal attacks rather than political ones.

  • Roger Martin

    The ‘fine gentleman’ stated that he has never seen the ‘losers’ win before. He should ask himself why this is the case in Scotland today. His impending trip to Glasgow may help him discover the reason.

  • Duncan_McFarlane

    It’s a Telegraph columnist they had on – wouldn’t pay him too much attention. The comments about him only having a political following in Scotland “not here” are pretty moronic since his party is solely a Scottish one.

  • Tom Dow

    This conversation, really splits up the United Kingdom, and these three have made it clear there is definitely a them and us in England itself. Alex Salmond is like you and I , he is only a man !! but before he can step into the Wesminster building they are belittling him. Well the truth is, he is not a person to belittle !! the more you try to do it, the better he becomes. As they would like, and they said , he should have just disappeared into the background tells me they are really frightened by the prospect of the carnage he will create from being in there. This man is idolised throughout Scotland, and seen as the man who has given us hope to seperate us from England under Westminster. Like him or nor , he is a man to be reckoned with, and possibly another 50 supporters beside him. I think before all this rumble starts , it would be much easier to give Scotland its Independence before we have to take it.

  • John Q Law

    Cunts. Hateful? Well that smug wanker would know.

  • cameronsdemise

    Isn’t it funny how both journalists offer their personal view in this discussion . Tim ( NICE BUT DIM ) said Salmond has a vendetta against my country ? re-align this statement with thatcher & Cameron’s / Tory View on Scotland ? Her , whoever she was said she thinks Salmond wants to be the big man whilst the interviewer looking on , Sneers with delight. How Pitiful are these Barstewards at BBC ?

  • cameronsdemise

    SHOCK REPORT ! ? ARE YOU HAVIN’ A LAUGH !? Typical arrogant journalistic shit !
    We don’t want him telling us what to do ! Well ( Tim NICE BUT DIM ) We have had 300yrs of you telling us what to do , WAKE UP MUPPET ! Now it’s our turn , Deal with it !

  • cameronsdemise

    Humph ! The EU are trying to tell us what to do !
    Humph ! Germany is trying to tell us what to do !
    Arrgh ! Scotland is now trying to tell us what to do !
    What next ? ARGENTINA !

  • Graham Marshall

    English votes on purely English matters is a grand concept provided the opposite also prevails. We could toss out Trident in Westminster, prevent fracking in Scotland, in Westminster, prevent further nuclear stations, reinforce the right of note issue as a precursor to launching our own currency. We could even make decisions on the Scottish monarchy.

  • disqus_zZA6sDUpNy

    I feel astonished at this! But I don’t know why I feel astonished. The BBC is just doing what it does best; functions as a Westminster propaganda agent.

  • Markyboy89

    “This is all about him”

    Based on what?

    “I find him rather a hateful person”

    Based on what? The doctored photo put together by the newspaper? Seriously? You know his face is not actually looming in the clouds above Westminster right?

    “Nicola Sturgeon must be fuming”

    Are they truly clueless or is this purposeful ignorance?

  • Charles Patrick O’Brien

    A pretty little girl named Annie was sitting on the pavement in front of her home.
    Next to her was a basket containing a number of tiny creatures; in her hand was a sign announcing FREE KITTENS.
    Suddenly a line of big cars pulled up beside her.
    Out of the lead car stepped a grinning man.
    “Hi there little girl, I’m Ed Miliband.
    What do you have in the basket?” he asked.
    “Kittens,” little Annie said.
    “How old are they?” asked Miliband.
    Annie replied, “They’re so young, their eyes aren’t even open yet.”
    “And what kind of kittens are they?”
    “Labour supporters,” answered Annie with a smile.
    Miliband was delighted.
    As soon as he returned to his car, he called his PR chief and told him about the little girl and the kittens.
    Recognizing the perfect photo op, the two of them agreed that he should return the next day;
    and in front of the assembled media, have the girl talk about her discerning kittens.
    So the next day, Annie was again on the pavement with her basket of “FREE KITTENS,”
    when Milliband’s motorcade pulled up, this time followed by vans from BBC, ITV, ABC, CNN and Sky News,
    Cameras and audio equipment were quickly set up, then Miliband got out of his limo and walked over to little Annie.
    “Hello, again,” he said, “I’d love it if you would tell all my friends out there what kind of kittens you’re giving away.”
    “Yes sir,” Annie said. “They’re SNP supporters.”
    Taken by surprise, Ed stammered, “But…but…yesterday, you told me they were LABOUR SUPPORTERS.”
    Little Annie smiled and said, “I know.
    But today, they have their eyes open.”

  • Shiprex

    Shocking display of bigoted and ignorant punditry on the BBC. Swedes know more about how the SNP politicians behave more than these public school educated and neolib mouthpieces from another planet know. Disgraceful.

  • Sarah Mackie

    When will these journalists understand that NO POWERS HAVE BEEN ‘handed over’?!?!? Merely recommendations, nothing more!!

  • Arthur Crichton

    You people are well and truly indoctrinated. The cult of Salmond has engulfed you and the paranoia you display is boundless.
    The video portrays one journalists opinion of Salmond and because it demeans him the reaction from the cult is utter outrage.
    Like all cults anyone who opposes your Great Leader must be censored, including anyone perceived by the cults perverted logic of aiding or abetting the insulting of the Chosen One. The similarities between the North Korean leader and Salmond draw closer by the day and it’s very scary.

  • Glenn

    This made my blood boil. Shockingly ill informed hate mongering. I can’t believe how naive I have been to trust the BBC in the past. Its not news its propaganda. It would be great if SNP get every Scottish seat in Westminster. Not for party political reasons but simply to show the BBC and Press that we don’t believe or trust them.

  • susan taylor

    BBC your a total disgrace. If any Scot spoke like that it would be reviled and all over the place but these stuck up twats can get away with it. No more licence money from me.You’ve robbed us enough. you & your corrupt paedophile pals.

  • Whiterabbit4000

    Laugh, I nearly paid my licence fee. Boak. BBC = State Propaganda. Pacific Quay should be barricaded with unpaid State Loan Shark Letters. Sorry Fee Reminders.