Scotland’s alternative storm names

Hurricane_1326a7_2992069The first of The Met Office’s named storms is currently on course for Scotland’s north-west coast, Abigail has been upgraded to have Amber weather warnings of wind.  But as we Scots know, this is not our first named storm, indeed, it wasn’t that long ago that we all survived Hurricane Bawbag.  With names like Nigel and Wilbert set to be assigned to storms over the rest of the 2015 and 2016 storms to be, it became clear that Scotland required a new list of storm names.  So without further ado, Geek Scot presents Scotland’s Alternative Storm Names, because when we’re through with Arse, there’ll be plenty more to come.

Met office Scottish alternative
Abigail  Arse
Barney  Bawbag II
Clodagh  Chankin
Desmond  Drookit
Eva  Eejit
Frank  Fud
Gertrude  Gash
Henry  Hackit
Imogen  Isnae Braw
Jake  Jobby
Katie  Knobheed
Lawrence  Lairge Yin
Mary  Minger
Nigel  Numpty
Orla  Och Naw
Phil  Pish
Rhonda  Reekin
Steve  Shite
Tegan Twally
Vera  Vera Windy
Wilbert  Windy Wilson
  • Steve Bowers

    Seems perfectly reasonable to me, are the Met office dragging their feet over the changes ?