Scotland invented sex! (SFW)

The Scots have been credited with a few major inventions in our time, the telephone, the steam engine (read the industrial revolution and the modern world we live in), penicillin and more. Frankly it’s been amusing to watch the rest of the world trying keep up, nice robots Japan, have you seen our cloned sheep? But before we invented the end of natural breeding, we invented sex itself. Yes, Scotland invented sex! I dare your to think of one single invention that trumps it! Screw your wheel! IMG_3767.JPG Okay so I may have neglected to mention that the inventor of sex was not actually human, or indeed that the country that is Scotland did not quite exist yet. Not unless some prehistoric fish were much more civilised than we first thought and happened to name the lands that their watery homes resided in Scotland. The point is that Microbrachius dicki (awesome name), a fish living in prehistoric lakes in the land that is now Scotland appear to have been the first to mate by putting this bit into that bit, as opposed to just spraying it all out around the place and hoping for the best!

fishy fishyThe international research team led by Professor John Long (A nautical pun that is naut) from Flinders University in Australia noticed that fossils of one of the fish had an unusual “appendage”.  He discovered that the appendage will have been used for the insertion part of sex.  And a fun time was had by all that evolved appendages and places to put said appendages ever since.  Bravo Scottish fishies, we salute you.

The research is published in the Journal nature.

A more mature article on the matter can be found on BBC News.