Police Scotland launches Anti-Rape ad campaign

We live in a horrifying culture where it seems we actually need to teach men not to rape.  It’s absurd that this is even an issue, but it’s true.  I was listening to a podcast recently by This American Life on the issue.  In the podcast, the host visited a workshop at a university on the topic of consent.  Men were told that they always require consent and that consent was a persistent and enthusiastic Yes to having sex.  I was horrified by what followed.  The workshop ended, unresolved by the countless men asking questions about this basic act of getting consent for sex, it was just a boys club of men who simply could not get their head around the idea.  Perhaps it’s a good thing then that Police Scotland has launched its latest campaign to educate young men in Scotland about rape.

In the press statement, Police Scotland announced a video, which will be shown after the watershed (after 9PM) on television in Scotland.  It is also available as a YouTube video (see above) to share on social media.  The fact is, we live in a culture where too many men find the issue of consent and rape a grey area.  This advertising campaign and the accompanying microsite, wecanstopit.co.uk, will hopefully be one small step on the way to solving this problem.

The campaign will also feature posters in toilets around the nation – posters that once again beg the question, why do we even need to explain this stuff?!

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  • Colin Boyle

    Is this article saying that we men don’t know how consent is given? I would love to have a link to the This American Life podcast so I can hear what it is you are talking about. Also there are always going to be people that will go against the law and these people need to be dealt with, and this tar all with the same brush mentality wont help. We know it is not ok to rape so stop with this teach them not to rape bull.

    • Hi Colin, sorry for the delay in my reply, my car had a burst tire last night, most frustrating and meant I was pre-occupied.
      The sad truth is, (and it’s one that I didn’t believe until very recently, probably the last few months in fact) that yes, an awful lot of men don’t see know how to recognise consent or lack there of. The cliche response is of course that not all men are like this, but that’s not the point.
      The fact is, an awful, terrible amount of men, far too many men, simply don’t get it. And frankly, if your reaction to hearing this news is “well I’m not like that” and not “holy fuck that’s awful, we need to fix this”, you have become part of the problem.
      That said, if you need any proof, since posting this article, I’ve seen so many comments (mostly on social networks), showing great insult at this campaign. The most distressing comments are the ones saying “oh come on, if she said yes before she was too drunk…” and similar. That, that alone is proof, real proof, in the form of comments on this article, that they don’t understand what consent is.
      The podcast in question is available here: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/557/birds-bees
      This American Life has all sorts of fascinating stories each week, really interesting show 🙂

      • Colin Boyle

        Thank you for the reply. I have had a good listen to the podcast and what I can hear is that the men knew what consent is they just don’t think that asking the woman every 5 mins is a good idea. and I agree with that, asking someone all the time if this is ok is not what is needed. Is a conversation before sex needed to get ground rules and what each other like, sure. but mollycoddling every so often if it is ok and are you sure will just kill the mood. the conversation before sex might not be the perfect solution but it is much better than the mollycoddling. the other issue that the men in the group brought up was about drink and specifically how much alcohol can a girl drink before consent cant be given that is a good question. can a girl give consent at all? they asked this question as the person giving the lecture, as far as I could tell, girls that have consumed alcohol cant give consent. I would have to say that in that women need to be lectured on that more than men. we live with our mistakes when we do something stupid while drunk, and if women want to do the same then they need to acknowledge that. your point about allot of men don’t know what consent is I would have to disagree we do know what consent is, I think that signals can get mixed when both men and women have something to drink as for the consent issue maybe we should have classes with both men and women discussing this issue together instead of having lectures held for men to teach them not to rape.

  • EM745

    So… If a man has ‘morning wood’ and his woman gives him a quicky BJ (WITHOUT HIS CONSENT!), can she be charged with rape?

    • If without consent, then yes. If that man felt that she had raped him without his permission, then absolutely, if he wishes to go to the police, she can be charged. I believe in this case the legal term would be sexual assault of some kind though the crime itself is the same. Of course, if the man does not feel that he has been raped, as I’m sure you’re suggesting, then no, she cannot be charged. This campaign is directed at male rapists however as rape by men is a well recognised and widespread issue, so prevalent that an advertising budget has been assigned to it.

      • ouchmuch

        what a crock of **** no woman will EVER be charged under this kind of crap.. all this does is show yet again that women are children and that men, drunk or sober, are always held to a MUCH higher standard of responsibility not only for themselves but for those strong independent women that don’t need a man..

        I will restate the first part in another way.. man has sex with drunken women he is a vile rapist.. woman has sex with a drunken man.. well he should be greatful, what do you mean he didn’t want it is he gay? both of them are drunk.. well obviously he is a vile rapist and she of course is a victim.

        As for your advertising budget nonsense giving credence to the validity of a problem I will only say that just like female pedophiles female rapists are one of the many things largely swept under the rug.

        little info for those that actually want to make real changes.