Nook Store to shut down in UK

If you were one of the few who has chosen to buy a Nook, rather than the ever popular Kindle, or nifty and more affordable Kobos, you’re out of luck as Barnes and Nobel have announced that they are shutting down the Nook Store in the UK as of the 16th of March.

The Nook Store is to close in the UK

The Nook Store is to close in the UK

A release was sent to all users of Nook Press, the self-publishing platform that competes with Amazon’s KDP and Kobos Writer’s Life, informing them that as of 16th of March, their books would no longer be available to anyone outside of the United States.  As a self-publisher myself, I can say that, while I feel sorry for Nook users who just lost out on their primary method of buying books, I’m won’t miss the store myself.  Of my own The Hudud Trilogy, I’ve shifted hundreds on Kindle, several on Kobo, Google Play and iBooks, but on Nook?  Zero.  I’ve never shifted a single one on Nook.

This may be because the first book in my series is given away for free, something you can’t do on Nook or Kindle.  Kindle has the benefit of being the number one brand, so it’s not an issue so much there, my free book gets sold for 99p.  But Nook?  Nothing, you can’t even give them away, or sell them super cheap.  And it’s not because my book isn’t fantastic (it’s not by the way, but it’s not bad either), it’s simply because no one has Nook.

Really, they’ve probably done the right thing here, the Nook hasn’t taken off in Britain at all, but maybe it’s still good for something, the ones with their basic web browser on them can still download the open format epub books (something the Kindle can’t do), so they can still download epubs from other sites, though maybe it’s just time they got themselves a Kobo Mini, it’s thirty quid from WHSmith, fits in the palm of your hand, and is just a delight to use.