Katie Hopkins insults Scotland …again

Prize shit-head Katie Hopkins has turned her attention to Scotland again.  As this truly vile, evil woman does from time to time, she has centred in on an occurring news story from Scotland, finding people who are in crisis and turning it into her own brand of offensive “humour”.

Prize cunt - Kate HopkinsIt just shouldn’t be surprising anymore, really, we just shouldn’t get a shock when we hear what vile things she’s been saying but it does shock.  Katie Hopkin’s greatest achievement is to always surpass herself in just being a nasty, horrible human being.  In her latest attack, she has chosen to tweet that Scots (or little sweaty jocks as she calls us) are sending Ebola bombs to London.  That this is some how our reliance on the UK that has made us do this (despite it being UK policy that all Ebola patients go to a specific hospital in London).

Tweet by Katie Hopkins: Glasgwegian ebola patient moved to London’s Royal Free Hospital. Not so independent when it matters most are we jocksville?

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Continuing tweet by Katie Hopkins: Little sweaty jocks, sending us Ebola bombs in the form of sweathy Glaswegians just isn’t cricket. Scottish NHS sucks.

Being a relatively new site, Geek Scot sometimes has to create categories for articles as we go along, we have categories for funny and politics among others that just didn’t fit for this nasty cow.  We thought about adding a “celebrity” category but this creature isn’t worth the label.  No, we’ve had to create a whole new category just for Katie Hopkins, so welcome to the first post on Geek Scot labeled “Pathetic”.

This isn’t the first time Hopkins has set her sights on Scotland in the wake of it receiving bad news.  Last year when we were still hurting from the shock of the Helicopter crash at the Clutha bar in Glasgow, she chose to joke about us being lazy and unemployed, which in her mind was the reason for a lower life expectancy in Scotland.

It wouldn’t be fair to say she’s just nasty towards the Scots though.  We have seen her ranting about how those who are overweight are just lazy, to the point of being accused of hate crimes.  She also informed the world that she judges children based on their names.  The list goes on, this is a woman who makes her living writing and appearing on television simply by being offensive.


On one television appearance, Katie Hopkins stated that she didn’t like geographic names like Brooklyn or London, despite her own child being called India.

In this world where so many are so desperate for fame and success, Katie Hopkins has found one sure fire way to celebrity, having no real talent or skills, she locks on to the one remaining resource to have the cameras point her way, being a nasty, offensive, obnoxious cow.  Bravo Katie, yours must be a life of self pride and happiness.

Update: Originally this article used an offensive term involving female genitalia.  This is a term I’d never thought of thoroughly before on how it could be offensive to women but thanks to a polite email, I have been enlightened on the subject.  I must apologise for its usage and ensure that such language will be avoided in future Geek Scot articles.

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