It’s Judgement Day for the iPhone 6 at Geek Scot

On day five of the iPhone 6, I’m finally getting the hang of using it. The bigger screen and lighter weight is a big upgrade from my little iPhone 4S. I’m still getting to know the features and exploring iOS 8 but so far I am enjoying my experience.


three-phonesScreen size
I use my phone largely for music and text communication in the form of emails and texts. At first, the larger screen was causing issues for me as it was hurting to keep move my hand to the top of the screen to reach the menu. However, double tapping (not clicking) the home buttons brings the app’s top to the middle of the screen. This makes navigating far more comfortable and quicker. You of course still have the option to switch between applications by double clicking the home screen. A feature I didn’t realise how often I used until I was given a Blackberry as a work phone, which only allows you to switch between a select few apps. Bringing the top of the app to the middle of the screen has probably been the reason I went from almost regretting not getting the smaller iPhone 5S with its similar specifications.

iOS 8 brings communication back to the forefront of the iPhone

iOS 8 brings communication back to the forefront of the iPhone

We may have forgotten this, but phones were primarily used for calls and text. Smart phones now offer the user so many options that few actually use it for that primary purpose. However, iOS8 has brought that back. When you double click the home button you are presented with your open apps and at the top, eight of your most recent contacts and six of your favourites. You can tap a contact and choose to call, text, or  Facetime them. This nifty feature makes it both quicker to access those who you are in contact more and brings communication back to the phone.

I’m not a designer and tend to go for practical over pretty, in most things in my life. However, when it comes to my phone, I have always had a soft spot for the sleek designs of iPhones. I was so proud when I could finally afford my own but sadly had missed the curves of the 3GS. They are back now! However, it is rather easy for it to slip through your fingers so I will be investing in a case for mine.

As much as I like the new design I do have one fault with it – the camera lens is not flush with the casing. I have a bit of an issue with things that are slightly out of place and my phone sitting on a table rocks a bit. However, this should be removed with the addition of a case. I’m a mundane kind of girl, I like my phones and bags the same, black or dark and no need to worry about horrid bright colours. The space grey design does just that.

phoneFinal judgement
The larger screen size will take a bit of getting used to but after five days of use, I can say for a fact that I am pleased by my purchase and will not be swapping with my fiancé’s 5S. An option I did consider earlier this weekend! It has a beautiful feel and I appreciate the battery life and light weight of it. I’m looking forward to exploring more of the features in the coming week.