iPhone 6 revealing random email addresses!

We’ve just opened the box for the iPhone 6 here at Geek Scot and after trying to set it up, it has asked us to enter the password for an Apple account that is not ours.  We’re certain that the phone hasn’t been used by anyone before us as we had to remove all the cellophane wrappers from the box as well as the phone itself.


promptThe issue first appeared after we signed in to our own Apple account to restore a previous backup from an iPhone 4s.  The system then believe it requires the password to this account for purchases in the iCloud backup made by another Apple account however the email address shown is not one that we own.

prompt2We dismissed the prompt but since finishing set up, it has shown in a pop up window quite regularly.

We’ve tried emailing the address to confirm that it’s definitely not someone we know but we got a delivery error.  For the time being, this particular email seems dead but that’s not to say that others aren’t.

In the mean time, we’ll have a proper hands on review of the iPhone 6 once we’ve had a good play with it.

  • RipToARealBrother

    im getting the same problem

  • Spencer

    You have downloaded something on your previous phone (something that was in your backup) that had information embedded from the original owner. This is the address that you are seeing come up on screen. The only thing being revealed here is that you have been pirating content. Sorry guys.

    • That would be our theory too but we only use iTunes Store and Spotify for music and kindle for books. We’re still open to the idea that someone else has downloaded something on the phone without our knowledge using their own address but so far all possible suspects we can think of have denied recognition of the address.

  • Thanks for all your responses guys (on here as well as Reddit), on reading them, we suspect you may be right about it being content downloaded from another Apple account. We’ve contacted everyone we know who’s shared content with us or used the original iPhone in question and so far no one recognises the address. For the time being, we’re a bit creeped out that there’s content by anyone we don’t know on the device but we’re looking into it. Perhaps a less frightening user experience would be for iOS to tell us exactly which content it’s prompting us for, then we could finally have this resolved.