How the Internet is Lying to You Today

It’s that time of year again, the time when you’re reading an article on the BBC about spaghetti trees (actual prank by the BBC), all of you friends are getting married and you can trust no one. Its April Fools Day.

We’ve decided to take a took at all the ways the internet is trying to trick you today. This article will be updated throughout the day with anything else we stumble on so keep checking back! For Scotland specific pranks, check out our other article here: Some very Scottish April Fools

NeilsonNorman Group

From the bible of User Experience comes my favourite prank of the day. Designers get your wireframes ready because the hamburger menu is dead and the pizza menu is in!


Usually filtered for quality, FML seems to have turned the tables. Today readers are treated to the posts that would normally never see the light of day.

fml fools

FML reversing their quality policy

Not going to spoil the surprise by posting a picture but type “” into your address bar and see what Google have done this year.

Maps PacMan

This one appeared yesterday but we’re still counting it as a prank.

Head to Google Maps, zoom in till you can see roads and click the PacMan icon in the bottom left (beside Earth) and you can play PacMan on the street where you live! It works  best if you find some nice straight roads.


Try getting PacMan to take the right exit at a roundabout… I dare you


Angry Birds gets real

Rovio have released this video detailing the latest incarnation of Angry Birds


Pizza Hut Scratch and Sniff Menu

I wish this was real…

Domino’s drone delivery

Domino's spin

Costa launch a new service allowing customers to take a powernap

CERN Discover the Force


Better get yourself tested for Midi-chlorians.

iFaxit: on-demand repair guide delivery service

iFixIt launch their new service promising to deliver repair guides via bleeding edge technology


Firebox and the Inner Selfie Stick

Not sure if this is actually a prank since a similar product to this does actually exist but its being called out as one so we’re going to include it too.



YouTube Suggestions


YouTube is giving people “Sandstorm by Darude” as a suggestion whenever you search for music

Google Fibre Dialup Mode

To help you get back to real life more often

Microsoft reinvent productivity

A link to this post