Google updates its image

Following on from the announcement that Google was going to restructure to having a parent company Alphabet, Google have now given themselves a makeover!


This new look is far from the first time that Google has altered its look. Since 1998 it’s had around seven looks (although this seems to be the most significant change).

Google Logo History

1998 out of office
1998 beta
2015 G

All these can be found, along with some more info by Googling “google logo history“.

A brand refresh is a scary concept for any company. You want to look new and shiny while still being reacognised by your current customers. Granted its unlikely that people will forget about Google but they’re also in the middle of a restructure. They need to make it obvious which parts are Google, and which are on their own.

Very subtly, Google Plus got a logo update too.

g+ bkmrk g+

Oh so subtle, oh so sly. Oh so bringing G+ into the family. Its been neglected, pushed into situations it didn’t want to be in (YouTube…) and its been mocked. But there it is, one of the first to get a new shiny logo. Google Calendar is still looking the same as it always has. Maps has a new logo too, hidden in the menu, and its Android app now includes the new style G in its icon.


Google Play Music also seems to be using the old style fonts and icons so we’ll see what happens with that.