Geek Scot on Apple News

With the latest release of iOS9 about to go public, and beta releases available alread, people are finally getting the opportunity to try out Apple’s News app. The best part? Geek Scot is on board as an approved news source.


IMG_0622 The application works much like Apple Music, first asking you to choose a selection of news sources and categories, then promising to get better the more you read.  Within minutes of adding Geek Scot and checking that articles were showing correctly in its clean interface (they were), the news app was bringing me other Scottish news from other sources.

This is a news reader app that cleverly learns what it is you want to read and brings that news to the top for you, and it’s great to see a news application that knows that when I say I like to read politics, I don’t just mean US politics.

Once you’ve got the app on your phone, you can find Geek Scot by simply searching for it in the app.  Once saved, you’ll find new Geek Scot headlines whenever you look in your News feed.