Cookie Clicker V2 has landed!

And in totally unrelated news – global productivity has crashed and burned.

For the uninitiated, Cookie Clicker is a highly addictive game where you click a big cookie to make more cookies. You can then buy Cursors (using your cookies) which can click for you. Once you have earned enough cookies, you can then buy Grandmas to bake cookies for you. Then come Mines, Farms, Factories….. the list goes on. All this in the pursuit of making more cookies. You can upgrade your Grandmas to make them more efficient, click magical Golden Cookies which bestow upon you yet more cookies!

cookie clicker buildings

And before you know it, its 6pm and you’re making 25.858 MILLION cookies a second. And if you’re like some people, you’ve enlisted your project manager of a wife to streamline your process and ensure you’re only spending your precious precious cookies on upgrades and buildings which will maximise projection with minimal outlay.

This game is addictive. Its also brilliant. You don’t have to keep checking up on it (although you will), you can leave it overnight to do its thing and come back in the morning to piles and piles of delicious cookies. You covet upgrades and save up cookies for that 1.5 Trillion building which promises to bring you cookies from another dimension.

If you have anything you wanted to get done – don’t play this game. If you have some down time, head on over to Cookie Clicker and get started on your bakery!