Campaign to unchain the unicorn

ponyavatar-300x300Here at Geek Scot we don’t tend to rattle our own chains but after our video last week about The Lion and the Unicorn, showing how the Unicorn of Scotland is chained up in the Union Crest, it would seem that someone has started a new campaign to Unchain The Unicorn.

The petition posted on 38Degrees requests that the Scottish people be treated with dignity after 45% of the country demonstrated their wish for Independence. It goes on to say that removing these chains from the Union Crest, including on the British passport, would be a small gesture to Scots that the UK still cares about Scottish people, an issue that some are worried about as the vote on Independence has started bickering between Westminster politicians about extra powers for England, with some refusing to support the new powers Scotland were promised without this being addressed first.

You can find the petition, which at the time of writing has a little under 400 signatures, below: