Blipfoto and Polaroid merge

Blipfoto, the Edinburgh based daily photo sharing site, has merged with Polaroid, the brand that brought us instant photographs before digital cameras were even a thing.

polaroid blipfoto logo

Blipfoto has taken the photographic community by storm by creating an online photo journal with a strict rule of one photo a day.  The site has become a popular social media platform and like any good social network, it has its notable users, with celebrities, companies, politicians and even police forces among its user base.


Click to view the announcement video

The surprise announcement has been made to its users by way of a video sent out to its user base featuring Joe Tree, the founder of Blipfoto.

The site has received an update too.  No longer is the company just Blipfoto, it is now Polaroid Blipfoto and its site has brightened up no end.

One of my own personal issues with Blipfoto in the past was its dark grey site.  I found it depressing and uneasy on the eyes.  Polaroid’s rebrand has made the new Polaroid Blipfoto a new white site, clean and inviting.  What remains to be seen however is if Blipfoto’s amazing community will continue to thrive or if Polaroid will just turn it into another accessory to help sell its cameras.

  • Tanya Lunn

    You must be one of the very few that disliked the grey background. The Forum thread regarding the new,’harsh’ white background has hundreds of posts, almost all by veteran blippers agreeing that the new background is terrible and makes the site look just like Facebook and Flickr (I actually think images on Flickr look better than on blip, now). Sadly, a number of blippers have left the site since the rebrand/Polaroid announcement.