Barclaycard launch new wearables

Barclaycard have launched new devices to their range of contantless payment devices. These allow customers to pay using their Barclaycard credit card without needing the physical card.

This is actually extremely handy. Customers can go for a run, pop to the shops on the way and get some water without having to plan ahead and carry change with me. All they need is their contactless device.

The new range includes: a wearable band (updated from the 2014 model), a new style key fob (which looks to be more robust than my plastic one) and another style of sticker you can stick on your phone.

Barclaycard have a really good attitude towards technology. Unlike other banks or credit card providers, they don’t seem to see it as something to be feared or avoided, but something to be embraced. They launched their Digital Eagle service which not only aims to help people with their online banking but with all aspects of their online lives. That’s brilliant! Like it or not, more and more is ending up online and without this type of teaching, many can be left behind through no fault of their own.

By launching themselves into the wearables market however, I feel that they’re putting themselves out there against Apple Watch, Android Wear, the Microsoft HealthBand and a whole host of pre established wearables which do more than just payments. I’m hoping that they’ll soon launch an app which would allow my phone to use its NFC capabilities to carry out contactless payments and even my smart watch to do it.

I really hope these contactless devices take off, Britain now prefers cashless transactions to those involving cold hard cash and contactless is great for quick transactions (think bus fares, underground tickets, Edinburgh trams). They would also work well at festivals where you might not want to be carrying around your purse all the time but you’re more than likely to have your phone on you.

Now all I have to hope for is that more retaillers upgrade to being able to accept contactless transactions.

Edit: I reached out to Barclaycard asking if they’re planning an AndroidWear app and they replied with: