Apple Store, Edinburgh finally opens


When Geek Scot arrived on Princes Street at 0930 this morning, the queue outside the Apple Store was already in its hundreds.  We joined not long before the real journalists started arriving to take their pictures of the crowd desperate to be among the first in Edinburgh’s long awaited fruit store.


Starbucks were quick to put a free Hot Chocolate in every customer's hand.

Starbucks were quick to put a free Hot Chocolate in every customer’s hand.

Ultimately this was a celebration of consumerism, which might explain why Starbucks showed up shortly before the photographers to ensure every picture taken of the fans queuing outside would show a Starbucks cup in their hands.  A quick look around and it was obvious that the people queuing were the real deal, there wasn’t an Android phone in sight.  I was shocked to see just how many people had the iPhone 6, it easily out numbered the older devices, an impressive feat considering it only launched a few weeks ago.  Of course, perhaps those who didn’t have the 6 just didn’t want to look behind the rest.


Apple staff were kitted out in kilts and playing bagpipes to welcome us.

Apple is known for making a show of its launch events, whether its for the latest iterations of its phones or for its stores.  Today was no exception, though it was a nice touch to have Apple staff playing bag pipes and cheering, in kilts, those who had taken the time to queue outside.

The store itself was much as to be expected from an Apple Store, two floors, tables with plenty of the fruit company’s main product lines, repeated to ensure everyone has a chance to play with them; free WiFi for Apple users genius bar and the like plus the ability to buy items without even approaching a checkout by scanning the items with your own phone and paying using your iTunes account.

The store kept a stone floor and walls feel that fitted well with this historic city, overshadowed by the Sir Walter Scot Monument and Edinburgh Castle.  It’s a store worthy of its location but once you got past the hype and celebration, it really is just another big name shop on Princes Street. So Geek Scot did what it does best in any shop, looked to see if there was anything it needed, bought the replacement remote control for the Apple TV (we believe the cat pushed the old one off the sofa and into the bin) and promptly left, free opening day T-shirt and all.  A fun time was had by all.  Now Princes Street can settle down to business as usual until the Christmas Market comes to town.