American Mass Shooting – So what else is new?

America, you have a problem.  You already knew this, of course, we all did.  It’s just the part you may not have realised is, how little the rest of the world even cares anymore.  Because you know when you hear of a bombing in the middle east and you think “Okay, so what else is new?”  That’s what your mass shootings have become for the rest of us.



Think about that for a moment.  Something as horrifying as people walking into a school, or a clinic, or a church, or cinema, walking in and pulling out a gun, and shooting everyone they can, for no reason, not a good one anyway.  This is possibly one of the most horrible tragedies that can happen in a community of people just trying to get on with their lives.  And it’s so normal for us, that we don’t even pay attention anymore.

American mass-shootings are normal.  Think about that.  That’s how terrible your nation’s gun laws have become.  Normal.  An American being able to pick up an assault rifle, walk into a room of unsuspecting people and just start killing them, is normal.  So normal that no one even bats an eyelid anymore.

Mass shootings are not normal in the rest of the Western world.  They happen, sometimes, and when they do, everyone all over the Western world sits up and thinks “Holy crap, what the hell is happening in Paris/Berlin/Sydney/Barcelona/London/Edinburgh/Prague/Moscow/Toronto/Oslo/City I may not even have known existed till this moment?!”  But when it happens in America – “Okay, so what else is new?”

America, that’s fucked up.

Yesterday, I posted something on Facebook saying much the points I’m making here, I posted it after rolling my eyes at the sight of another headline about another American shooting.  And the response I got from one person was, “Apparently there were 3 or 4 shootings today.”  And my response?  I rolled my eyes and thought how pathetic it is that three or four shootings in a day is normal.  It’s become so normal, it’s a joke.  It’s become so normal that, when I went on a trip to America earlier this year, my colleagues joked, “don’t get shot!”  That’s America.  The country that just really needs to grow up on gun control.  Because shooting each other is so normal, it’s almost funny.

You know what’s not funny?  The fact that when a shooter decided to target a clinic offering sexual health services, many American’s accepted that not just as normal, many said it was the right thing to do.  America, killing people who visit or work for a clinic, is not the right thing to do, ever.  No matter what you think of the company they’re visiting.  It’s not right, it’s not normal.

Another response I got was a statistic for the amount of deaths from shootings in America this year alone.  According to the Gun Violence Archive, the figure (at the time of writing – it will go up by the time I publish this later today) is twelve thousand, two hundred and nineteen deaths this year.  That’s made up from forty-eight thousand, two hundred and nineteen gun-related incidents this year alone.  Yesterday alone was not just “3 or 4”.  It was eleven.  Eleven shootings.  In which twenty-seven human beings were killed, and many more injured.  Normal.  And that’s a filtered list, The Gun violence Archive can’t give full details of every shooting for legal reasons.

It’s so normal, that the Gun Violence Archive’s website has a page dedicated just to showing how many gun related incidents and people dead there have been in the last seventy-two hours.  I say a page, at the time of writing, it goes on for eleven pages, each one with twenty-five listings on it.  Normal.

Your mass-shootings are normal, America.  So normal that no one is paying attention anymore but you.  And what do you do about it? …