Alex Salmond, The King in the North, steps down

After last night’s vote against independence, Alex Salmond has announced that he will be stepping down as the First Minister of Scotland.

kingIn a land that has existed for millions of years, Alex Salmond led us to something extraordinary.  In all the time that Scotland has existed, it has been invaded, conquered, ruled over and at times ruled itself.  Who decided the ability to control Scotland?  The ones who shed the most blood.  For the first time ever, last night Scotland’s people chose who would rule the country.  They chose whether they wanted to be ruled from London.  No one has ever succeeded in allowing Scotland to democratically decide on its government.  Even if Scottish votes don’t affect general elections, for the first time, last night, Scotland chose the London rule.  Alex Salmond for that, is our hero and our King in the North.  The King in the North!