AKG Y45BT Headphones review


What’s in the box

Inside the rather attractive box you get the headset, micro USB cable (for charging), audio cable (for connecting even when you don’t have battery), a headphone case, and the usual bevy of instructions, warranty information, and warnings.


I wore these for 5 hours in work and they were really comfortable. I’ve had problems with headphones like these attempting to crush my skull and pushing my ears against my glasses legs but these managed to not fall off my face AND not crush my skull! The ear pads are nice and squishy and managed to keep their shape rather than molding to your ears.

Comfort  update – After wearing them every day for 2 weeks solid, I did notice that my ears were starting to hurt by the end of the day. This seems to have been solved by adjusting the headphones size.

Sound Quality (wired)

It’s quite heavy on the bass but the sound is nice and crisp. The headphones were tested with a variety of music ranging from death metal to classic opera so they were put through their paces! They also did a good job at eliminating background noise which was nice in a busy office.

While there was nothing playing, there was an audible hiss.

Sound Quality (Bluetooth)

While still being heavy on the bass, I think the sound quality is still very good. The hiss was still audible when connected.

BT Pairing

These come with NFC to aid pairing, now this was something I had to actually read the manual to do so its going down as an irritation because I couldn’t figure out how to pair them. Found the pairing button easy enough by my phone couldn’t seem to pick them up via Bluetooth.

The NFC pairing worked really well. Just tapped the phone to the right cup and was prompted to pair to the headphones and seems to work great.

BT range

The 20m advertised range seems to be accurate. I can walk around the office without them disconnecting and they work well in my flat where there were walls to contend with.

Battery Life

I’ve not had to charge mine in two weeks and they’re being used for an hour a day on Bluetooth minimum. They charge in 1-2 hours from USB which is great for in the office.

Look and Feel

The headphones we tested were the black models. The cups are nice and circular (in typical AKG fashion) and while the headband is grey and not black, they are quite good looking. Not too big and not too small.


Overall I would give them a 7/10 

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